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HBS Partners' Club--Student Clubs of HBS, Inc.

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For all general questions, please email us at hbspartnersclub@gmail.com.


Kim Mosher
Before HBS, Kim lived in multiple cities including Palo Alto, CA, upstate NY, and Cambridge, MA. In her free time, Kim enjoys traveling, spending time with Section H, the outdoors, and reading. She works on-campus in MBA Student & Academic Services, and is currently studying for her Masters degree in Environmental Management & Sustainability at the Harvard Extension School..

Ianz Pyne

Ianz is an international partner, having recently moved from Sydney, Australia. She lives on campus and has been spending her time studying at the Harvard Extension School, working remotely for her employer back in Australia and looking for a job here in Boston. She's recently found a job and is now working on campus at the Student Association..

Membership Chair

Damineh Mycroft
Damineh is from Pasadena, California - Prior to moving to Boston with her husband in 2010 she lived in sunny Southern California! She is excited to serve as the Membership chair.


Shweta Bafana

Philanthropy Chairs

Kate Dempsey

Wilda Watkins

Social Committee

Serap Yigit-Elliot

Jessica Ernhart

International Committee

For general information about the International Committee, email hbspartnersclub@gmail.com.

Mika Kibata

Haguit Zepeda

Crimson Kids Committee

For general information about Crimson Kids, email hbscrimsonkids@gmail.com.

Caitlin Pearson

Charlotte Archibald

Chrissie Broadbent

Michelle Manning

Vanessa Theurer

Laura Welch